How to create a user registration form in Elementor

ACF Frontend lets you give your users the ability to edit and create posts from the front end of your site. But there is more: you can also add forms to let them both register and edit their profile information. Let’s take a look at the registration form.

I fill out this form with my username, email, and password. If either the email or username is in use, a message will appear telling me to use a different email or username.

If everything is right you should see a success message

And a user will be added

Adding the form

So, how to add the form: open up the Elementor Editor and search for the “ACF frontend form” widget.

Drag and drop into your section.

Now in the form action, select “new user”. You will immediately see the user registration form. You will probably also want to change the update message to something like “you have been successfully registered”.

Also in the fields tab, change the form title and submit button as you please:

In the user tab, you will have the option of choosing which role the new user should carry.

As well as whether or not they should have access to the WordPress dashboard.

That’s it! You have a fully functional user registration form with validation.

The cool thing about this form is you can add as many ACF fields as you need. In the next tutorial, I’ll show you how to add fields that will populate the first name, last name, and bio of the user as well as some custom data. I’ll also show you how to use the “edit user” action.

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  1. Hi. Your plugin seems great!
    1) is it possible to add also a user profile image?
    2) after having added some posts (recipes for me and in particular CPT) is a user able to manage his recipes?
    3) is a user always able to change his data?
    Thank you

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